Hey there! My names Jasmine, momstaysfit from Instagram. I decided to give blogging a try since I’d like to start posting more recipes and workouts. I thought I’d make my first post about myself and my journey so far.

I’m a mom of two boys, ages 7 and 10 months old. I’m 24 years old. I’ve never really been lean and struggled since my beginning teen years to try to lose weight and be “thin” thinking that’s what was attractive and healthy. Diet attempts and fails over years time. I lost weight after having my first son by trying the Special K diet, talk about being HUNGRY. I got down to my smallest size, but my idea of healthy food was wheat thins and Healthy Choice TV dinners. I finally moved in with my sons father and gained some not so lovely weight thanks to drinking too much alcohol. I gained weight so fast that I had people ask if I was pregnant. PEOPLE, not just one person. How horrifying is that?! 

Over the next few years I struggled with getting the weight off. I’d walk, just diet with no working out, just workout with no consistent eating habits, and it worked for awhile but then I just gained weight back. It was up and down. I finally became a vegetarian two years ago, started eating healthy and exercised a few days a week, mostly cardio. I definitely lost some weight but then I became pregnant with my youngest son. My eating habits while pregnant were here and there. I ate everything I craved, but everything else I ate was pretty much really healthy. I walked a lot and drank mostly water. I tried to be healthy but my cravings definitely got their way when they came. I really didn’t gain a lot of weight with either pregnancy but with this last one, my legs, ankles and feet swelled really bad. I gained about 36lbs but keep in mind that I’m only 4’11” and my son weighed 9lbs 9oz.

After I had my son I had lost almost all of the weight but my stomach was much bigger than it used to be so I decided to start eating healthy and exercising. That helped get me down to pre-pregnancy weight but then I was stuck. That always seemed to happen when I was doing just cardio but I hadn’t thought that might be why. I found The Super Sisters ( on Instagram and they were doing a bikini boot camp competition for only 10$. It was a 6 week program that included weight workouts at home or at the gym. I thought “for 10$ why not give it a try?!”, after all, the winner of the competition got 100$! Adding weights to my workout was EXACTLY what I needed!
I ended up winning the competition and I love lifting weights now.

I continued on with their 12 week program (  which I’m almost done with now. A combination of eating clean, lifting weights, HIIT, and running has done wonders for me. I’m over 10lbs down from pre-pregnancy weight. While I’m still a work in progress, I’ve at least figured out what works and what doesn’t. I’m finally headed in the right direction!

The picture I’ve posted is to show some off my progress. The picture on the left isn’t me at my heaviest but while on my roller coaster of losing weight and gaining weight, and the picture on the right is me recently. While I’ve had some people say “you’re not even that big in your before picture”, its not all about looks. Being so short and weighing as much as I did was hard on my body and my confidence. Eating clean and being fit is much more than just how you look on the outside, its everything you feel on the inside. I choose eating clean and exercising. I choose fit.



6 thoughts on “Momstaysfit

  1. Oh what an awesome read!!! It’s wonderful what we put our bodies through that they still are able to bounce back when we start treating them right. I am in a similar boat! I always was over weight, yo-yoed back and forth for a LONG time after graduating high school. I am so glad I got to know you better 🙂

    • Thanks 😊 It really is awesome! Do you lift weights at all? I just started a few months ago and it’s helped a ton. I wish I’d known then what I know now but at least we’re on the right track now, right?! Lol.

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