Go Super System Progress

If you follow me on Instagram (momstaysfit) you may know I was doing a 12 week contest. To launch their new website/program, The Super Sisters held a contest for http://www.gosupersystem.com. I joined and followed The Supers Sisters 12 week program. The contest ends today and winners are announced tomorrow. I started a week late because I was on vacation so my progress shots are a little less than 11 weeks apart. I’m fairly happy with my progress but don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I still have some fat to lose and muscle to put on.

If you know nothing about lifting weights but want to get into it or just want to lose weight, I highly recommend this program. The Super Sisters give you a 12 week workout plan that’s split up into 3 phases. They provide workouts for at home or at the gym. They even explain the workouts incase you’re unsure. The program is actually a lifetime membership to the website. It offers a ton of healthy recipes! They have breakfast, dinner, snacks, all kinds and just keep adding to it every week. They offer pointers and tips and you can print out workout logs to track your workouts. Overall I loved the program.

Being a stay at home mom with a baby I realistically don’t have time for the gym everyday. I can’t spend two hours a day working out. The at home program allowed me to get my workout done in under an hour while my son napped. It was absolutely perfect.
If you’re in the market for a new workout routine, I highly suggest this! Lifting weights burns more than cardio alone. You don’t have to lift heavy, but get your muscles working and you’ll see a difference. I didn’t drop a bunch of pounds since I put on some muscle but look how much fat I lost!



10 thoughts on “Go Super System Progress

  1. You look great!! I may need to look into this program. I look like your before pic right now…i just had a baby 2 mo ago and it’s taking a little while to come off. They always say the 2nd baby is the hardest on your body as far as losing weight is concerned.

    • It definitely was for me! I lost all the weight quick with my first child but with this one it’s taken a lot of work! I’m finally under pre pregnancy weight now though! Good luck and congrats on your baby!

  2. I can certainly see the difference in the before and after photos. You’re doing great! I may have to check into this because I am trying desperately to lose about 10lbs and have been trying for the last 20 months. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! You look great. I need def need to look into this. I started lifting weights a few months back but stopped once the depression set in again. Now that my meds are regulating I would like to start again. Great Post!

  4. Wow that is amazing progress for 11 weeks! I will look into the program I’m always looking for new things to spice up my routine. I work full time so working out at home helps especially if I am running late or just want a quick workout I don’t have to get up too early .

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