Stupid Sickness

It’s that time of the year, flu and all other sicknesses. Of course I catch it. Luckily neither of my kids have gotten it though, and that’s what’s important. It always breaks my heart to see my kids sick and miserable.

Sinus headache, cough, dry sore throat and body aches. Clearly my body needs rest. Yet it’s so hard for me to take rest days from working out. Anyone else hate taking rest days? Especially unscheduled and multiple in a row. I’m used to only one rest day a week at most. Between lifting weights, running and the Betty Rocker challenge, I’m pretty much doing something every day.

A few years ago I would have no problem not working out due to being sick. I’d take any excuse not to and then it would cause me to fall off the wagon, take a break from working out til I pushed myself to get back into it. Now though, it’s my lifestyle. I love the feeling I get from working out. It helps relieve stress and makes me feel better about myself.

Being sick sucks alone as is, but not being able to workout makes it so much worse. My body just feels better after I sweat. I love using my muscles and being sore. Knowing I’m pushing my body to be better. Right now though, my body needs rest. So even though I want to push through it, I need to just take it easy.

It’s actually kind of funny cause when my boyfriend gets sick, he pushes through his workout anyways. I always tell him not to, that his body needs rest and to recover. Now that I workout I understand a little better. It’s hard to take unscheduled rest days. Especially multiple in a row. My boyfriend even told me this morning “I always workout when I’m sick, but regret it after.” I’m sure he’ll forget all about that next time he gets sick and goes to the gym anyways.

So here I am. Rest day number two. Just laying in bed, complaining to all of you. While I’m not happy to be sick or skip working out, I am very happy to learn how far I’ve come on my fitness journey. That once upon a time I would take any excuse to skip working out, but now I have such a hard time even though I absolutely need to. I’m actually committed to this lifestyle. I’m addicted to fitness. I never would of thought that I would be, but I am.

I hope none of you get what I have. Thanks for reading! Stay healthy and active!


2 thoughts on “Stupid Sickness

  1. Sorry to hear you are sick! At least the kiddos are okay though. I also hate seeing my kids sick,it’s so sad. Well I hope you get better soon!

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