Charlie’s Butter

Who doesn’t love butter? I know I love butter and I’ve come across some very delicious butter recently. Charlie’s Butter. Talking about butter on a health and fitness blog? Yes. Butter has been given such a bad name when it actually has many benefits. Before I get into the deliciousness and details of Charlie’s Butter, let me tell you just a few benefits of eating butter.

Butter is a good source of vitamins a, e, and k. It’s also a good source of good cholesterol. Butter contains antioxidants that protect against free radical damage and against weakening arteries. The list goes on. The benefits are only better if you choose butter made from grass-fed cows. Butter isn’t bad for you in moderation. I’m talking about real butter here! Not margarine, not “I can’t believe it’s not butter” or any of that low fat imitation stuff. People only pay attention to the calories and fat on the nutrition label. Do some research and you’ll find that not all fat is bad. We need SOME fat in our diets, but not just ANY fat! Good fats.

What’s better than butter? How about seasoned butter? Charlie’s Butter is the real deal. Butter from grass-fed cows made with organic herbs and spices. I was pretty excited when I found them on Instagram (username @charliesbutter) and was able to get a few samples to try and review.


I received within two days. Everything looked amazing. Included with the butters was the sheet shown above that tells you everything it’s made with along with some suggestions for the butter. Of course I used them for some of the basics like potatoes, pasta and rice. Simple. So I could really taste the flavor of the different butters.


Above are a few things I tried. Pasta with either tomato basil or garlic herb is DELICIOUS. I added cinnamon butter to my bagel with peanut butter and pumpkin spice granola, yum! The chili lime butter gave my Mexican rice a really nice flavor! I could definitely eat that for lunch everyday. Love the onion and chive, I added that to my veggie burger. I think it would be delicious for a garlic bread spread. The pumpkin spice or cinnamon are both good on a baked sweet potato or yam!

I was hoping to be able to say “this one is my favorite” so I could recommend it, but I honestly can’t pick just one. I’m Italian, so I love my bread and pasta. These butters compliment them so well. If I had to narrow it down I think I’d pick the garlic herb butter, cinnamon butter, and chili lime butter. I highly reccomend them all though. It really is hard to choose! Chili lime and pumpkin spice are limited and seasonal though! So you may wanna snatch those first!

You can find Charlie’s Butter on Instagram @charliesbutter, on Facebook and their website will be up and running shortly You can place an order with them on one of their social networking sites until then! I highly recommend them! The delivery was quick and they are super friendly. I loved every flavor I tried. There’s definitely a flavor for everyone.

So I spent half a week trying different flavors of butter. This is a health and fitness blog so I feel the need to talk about weight gain. There was none. I tried 6 different butters and still lost weight steadily as I have been. It’s all about moderation. I used about a teaspoon or two of each at a time. I didn’t change my diet at all, simply added the butter in. Moderation is key.

Note: I wasn’t paid to write this review. It is all based on my personal opinion and experience. Charlie’s Butter was kind enough to send me these to sample and review.


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