Somersault Snacks

Protein is important for maintaining weight, losing weight and gaining muscle. Not only am I a vegetarian but I breast feed my son who doesn’t do so well when I eat nuts often. Kind of a bummer since nuts are an easy quick snack with a bit of protein. So I’m not gonna lie, I was extremely excited when I stumbled upon Somersault Snacks website (

What are somersault snacks? As the package says they are “crunchy nuggets baked with sunflower seeds and toasted grains.” I’d describe them as little delicious and flavorful bites of nut free heaven. Yes! Somersault snacks are nut free! Made with sunflower seeds. They have less calories than almonds, less fat but still have the same amount of protein! They come in some delicious flavors too! Flavors including salty pepper, santa fe salsa, dutch cocoa, cinnamon crunch and pacific sea salt.


I was sent a box of the different flavors to sample. As you can see, I didn’t even get a picture before my boyfriend decided to open them up. I’m surprised I still have any left cause they are DELICIOUS. The flavors are perfect. I wasn’t sure how it would be to taste something containing cocoa and sunflower seeds but it tastes amazing. Reminds me of cocoa pebbles except in nugget form and it’s healthier! These are such a great snack and definitely good replacement of any chips or crackers you may eat regularly. They are crunchy with great flavor!

I really like that they offer them in individual bags as well as a resealable bag. Sometimes I just need a small handful to get me through the cravings. Something crunchy, sweet, salty or a little bite, they have something for you! Above are two of my favorite flavors. Dutch Cocoa and Santa Fe salsa. I also really love the salty pepper! It’s really hard for me to choose just one as my favorite! My boyfriend on the other hand had no problem choosing Santa Fe Salsa as his favorite! It has a bit of a bite so theres no surprise there! While they are all delicious, those would be my top 3 for sure!

As well as their website, you can find Somersault Snacks on Facebook ( on Instagram (@somersaultsnacks) and on Twitter (@somersaultsnack)! They do monthly twitter chats every #ThirdThursday that they call #SomersaultChat! It’s always nice when companies take the time to talk and interact with their fans and customers! I’ve experienced nothing but excellent service from them!

Along with letting me try and review their tasty products, I also get to hold a little giveaway and let one of you try these tasty snacks! Somersault Snacks are going to send one lucky person each flavor I listed above to try! Below is a link with multiple ways to earn an entry! Winner will be chosen and emailed Monday, November 4th. They have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Good luck!

Click To Enter


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