The CORE Pro Bar

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has tried one too many protein bars that are less than good. I’ve found the more protein there is, the more the taste is compromised. Maybe I’m just picky, but I certainly won’t eat anything that tastes bad. I don’t care what the nutrition value of it is. Luckily I found a bar that fits my expectations perfectly!


The CORE Pro Bar has 20g of protein per bar. They come in 4 delicious flavors. Peanut butter chocolate, brownie crisp, mint chocolate and cookie dough. These flavors are perfect, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Which I most certainly do. No candy bars needed here! On top of the 20g of protein, these bars are also gluten free, dairy free, non-gmo and vegan! They have 4-6g of fiber depending on the bar and contain both chia and flax seeds! Now that’s my kind of protein bar!

On the wrapper is says “Looking for a protein bar that resembles nature rather than a science experiment? Good. Because we packed 20g of plant protein and plenty of real, recognizable ingredients into this bar. And it does more than build your strength-it boasts chia and flaxseeds for hydration and recovery too.” I absolutely love this. Who wouldn’t prefer to eat something where they know what’s in it? When I see products that have a huge list of ingredients and I can’t tell you what half of them are, well that’s how I know to put it back on the shelf where I found it. Who wants to put a bunch of chemicals in their body? I know I don’t! The fact that the company stands for the same things I do definitely means something to me.

Now look at the different textures of that bar! I love the crunch these have! The one pictured above is my favorite of them all, cookie dough! For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend also lifts. So there was no way I’d get away with eating this whole box on my own. Even my oldest son likes protein bars so he insisted on trying them too! Both of them are extremely picky eaters, so I know it has to be good if they like them, and they do! My boyfriend really liked the peanut butter chocolate and my son of course loves the mint chocolate. Mint chocolate would definitely be my second favorite. It’s so nice to finally find a protein bar that tastes as good as these do.

These bars are good before or after your workout, when you’re on the go or just busy and don’t have time to make anything. If you have a sweet tooth like me, I recommend cutting a bar into 3-4 pieces and just popping one in your mouth through out the day when you’re craving something sweet. Keeps you on track but with a bit of protein! I love that I found these because with my 1 year old and 7 year old I tend to have my hands full. I’ve used these to replace a quick breakfast or as a snack because I’m too busy for anything else. So they definitely get this busy moms approval!

On top of letting me try and review these bars, they’re also allowing me to hold a giveaway! They’re going to send one person a box of 12 bars, the same thing they sent me! How generous, right?! (You must live in the US.) Not only that, but they’re offering all my readers a one time discount of 40% off their first order! Just go to and enter the code “BLOGGER” at checkout! I highly recommend giving these bars a try! If you haven’t yet, you should definitely “like” their Facebook page, for more info and updates!

Click To Enter Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I was sent the products to try and review. Everything stated is my own personal opinion.


5 thoughts on “The CORE Pro Bar

  1. All my favorite ice cream flavors in protein bars….not sure it gets much better than that. Can’t wait to try the mint chocolate! :))

  2. Hi Jasmine, I follow you on instagram and love all your posts! You are such an inspiration to me, seeing as how you are a mommy of two and still make time to stay healthy and fit! I would love to win this giveaway! I would love to try the cookie dough flavor, it sounds amazing!!

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