December Challenge

I see so many fitness challenges, especially around holidays and summer. I’ve been thinking about doing one of my own. Maybe an ab or booty challenge?

One of my biggest problem areas has always been my stomach. I want a nice stomach as much as, well, I’m sure every other person out there! Also, I wasn’t born with a big booty. I was very unlucky to get my dads butt. Almost non-existent. I’ve been working on both for awhile now but I think it’s time to step it up a notch.

Before I decide to do either, I thought I’d post a blog about it to see if I can get some opinions and input. Would you join? Which do you think I should do, ab or booty? Also, kinda curious what everyone’s favorite ab and butt workouts are!

Leave a comment below so I can get to work on creating the challenge! Feel free to follow and subscribe to my blog posts too. It would certainly make my day!

Stay healthy and active!


5 thoughts on “December Challenge

  1. Hey! I would def love to try an ab challenge! I’ve always struggled with my stomach, and lately have been slacking on gym time. I feel like a challenge would be just the thing to get me motivated again!

  2. I think either one would be fine! I think what people love most about challenges is the community aspect. Yes, they will get great results (if they do it) but for the challenge groups I create, I find they get the motivation to finish what they started because they have a new set of healthy friends rooting them on. Good luck!

  3. I would totally do one of your challenges. And it would be awesome to do an ab challenge. 🙂 I think my favorite an exercise is burpees. Total body, abs and cardio. 😉 Also, any that target lower. I’m sure you understand being a momma. Keep up the great work inspiring and motivating. 💖💖

  4. I have some workout that I do for abs and butt. I can share them if you like. I’m trying to lose weight cause as a child my parent just let me eat whatever and now I’m changing my life for the better. I do have abs but until I get rid if fat they are in hibernation. Haha!

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