Chocolate Protein Mocha

Being a stay at home with one of my children being 1 and waking up at night often still, it’s safe to say I’ve gotten addicted to coffee. Caffeine can be a wonderful thing when you’re exhausted and dragging yourself through the day. Depending how you like your caffeine, it can also come with a few too many extra calories. I know that’s the way I like it.

After a week of sugar filled coffee drinks I decided I needed to do something different. While it’s a lot better than going out and buying a coffee, I knew I still needed it to be cleaner. So here it is! Chocolate protein mocha!

-5-6 ice cubes
-8oz cold/cooled coffee
-1 scoop chocolate protein
-2tbs soy milk (any low fat milk!)
-2tbs mocha creamer
-Few drops of chocolate stevia (or any artificial sweetener!)

Blend all ingredients together and top with fat free whipped cream if desired!


I won’t be drinking this EVERY day, but I definitely don’t feel so guilty having it a few times a week! Gives me a shot of caffeine, some protein and tastes like a treat! Yum! Hope you enjoy!

Stay healthy and active!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Protein Mocha

  1. Hi, i follow u on IG as well. I think its amazing what uve accomplished. I have a 1 yr old baby girl And just recently started lifting weights and working out. Im petite like you but I’m so lost with a workout schedule and sorta at a confusion with how to combined them. Please if you can find time to help me a little n maybe some information and advice in the areas im comfused. Id appreciate it so much.

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