Oriental Salad

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has said they hate salad. Unless of course it’s covered in dressing which, to me, defeats the purpose of eating a salad. Right? Well I went to Applebee’s with some friends and ordered their oriental chicken salad, minus the chicken, and YUM. Best salad I’ve ever had!

I looked up a way to make the dressing. Which of course called for a mayo! So I decided to switch things around and came up with my own recipe using these ingredients:


-3tbs honey
-2tbs rice vinegar
-1tsp spicy brown mustard
-1/4tsp sesame oil
-1 container of chobani. I suggest honey or vanilla.

Mix all ingredients together and ta-da! If you’re not much of a Greek yogurt fan, you can certainly trade some for a little fat free mayo.

As for the salad! I just bought a bag of salad that had shredded carrots and cabbage already. Threw a small amount of sliced almonds on there and about half a serving those yummy crunchy chow mien noodles. Of course you could add chicken! Poured a little of the dressing on top, which by the way made enough for 2 big salads or 3 smaller ones and there you have it!!

My healthier take on the yummy oriental chicken salad!



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