No Bake Cookies &Review

Recently I got my hands on the best protein. I mean the best tasting protein ever. So good. The kind of “so good” that if you were to represent a company or get sponsored, this would be your choice and dream come true. If only I could drink protein shakes all day long. It’s a little more spendy than what I’m used to buying but the taste is incredible.

So obviously I highly suggest Metabolic Nutrition peanut butter cookie protein. Usually I blend protein with fruit but I’ve been drinking this stuff as is. I thought it was necessary to use it in at least one recipe though. So here they are. No bake peanut butter protein cookies.

-1/4c peanut butter
-1tbs agave
-2 tbs fat free milk
-2 scoops of metabolic pb protein

-Microwave peanut butter in a microwave safe dish for about 30 seconds it’s easier to mix that way.
-Add the milk and agave. Mix well.
-Add protein and mix well. The texture may be kind of crumbly like pictured below. That’s ok. As long as there is no dry protein powder. (If there is, add more milk. If it gets too runny, add oat flour)

-Using your hands, roll into balls and flatten out. Place on a plate or cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I set mine in the freezer for 10minutes so they could harden.
-Store in the refrigerator. These would also be really good with melted chocolate on top.

My batch made 6 cookies. Each containing 120 calories, 6g fat, 6g carbs and 11g protein. Of course it depends what brands you use! Enjoy!



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