Fiber Love Bars

I know I’ve mentioned dozens of time about how I love my “quick on-the-go” snacks, but it’s because I do. Especially for my kiddos. Something easy for after school, before baseball practice, while taking walks or playing at the park. I came across these super tasty bars called Fiber Love.

I received them about a week ago. Right before we left for a weekend vacation so I was able to take a few with us! The first one I tried was cinnamon raisin of course, I love cinnamon raisin! This package is adorable, right?!
I received 6 bars, one of each flavor. They all sound so delicious. When my 7 year old heard the flavors he instantly called dibs on the chocolate brownie flavor, of course. Well now there are two more flavors they shared on their Instagram yesterday! Coconut Macaroon and Apple Cobbler! Yum, right?!
On top of being tasty they have 12g of fiber! They have between 130-160 calories each and around 4g of protein each. Plus they’re GMO free! Such an awesome snack! Especially for my little ones, who loved them by the way! 20140402-164002.jpg
That was my oldest sons first reaction when taking a bite. My youngest just kept his mouth full. If my picky 7 year old likes them, then they’re definitely kid approved!

At you can purchase single bars, a 5 pack or a 16 pack which I thought was pretty cool! Sometimes I don’t like having to buy an entire box of one flavor. This way you can change it up and try them all! Which I highly recommend!

Thanks for reading!
Stay healthy and active!


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