Summer is Coming.

I can’t believe summer is just around the corner. Time has been flying by, it’s just crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had hoped they’d be closer to their goals before we reached summer.

So many people kicking into “oh shit” mode and trying to get those abs before summer gets here. Trying to step it up a notch, push themselves further.
Well one ab workout certainly isn’t going to do it. Would be nice though. You know what else won’t? Starving yourself.
Seriously, food is fuel. Just make sure you’re feeding your body the right way and you’ll be fine. Healthy foods and exercise, stay consistent and dedicated. You won’t see abs if you’re not eating properly. 20140515-132740.jpg
It takes time. Don’t forget that. As long as you don’t give up, you’ll reach your goals. I mean, you’ve come this far already. 20140515-132942.jpg
Until then, love the body you have. Be confident and comfortable with who you are. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not where you had hoped you’d be. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Have fun. Don’t let a bathing suit determine how you feel or the memories you make.

Stay active. Eat healthy. Just don’t forget to love yourself in between.


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