Summer Break Is Almost Here!

I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with this lately. Between lifting, running, my sons baseball games, and the little one to chase after constantly, I’ve been pretty busy. Summer break is a week away, so I’ll either have more time to blog or none at all. My guess is none at all, but I’m going to try to make the time.
20140611-123025-45025812.jpgLast baseball game was this Monday. He’s pretty happy to be done.

I’m sure I’ll be creating some clean summer treats since my oldest will be home and is usually hungry pretty much all the time. Growing boy with a sweet tooth like his momma unfortunately. I probably should of started preparing snack and craft ideas already. A week goes by fast and I need my boys entertained for two and a half months. Not sure how I’m gonna survive it. Last year my youngest wasn’t quite walking yet and now he’s everywhere, climbing on everything, getting into anything he can. 20140611-123244-45164920.jpgHe’s such a helper though. Too bad he broke that bowl.

Last year I really struggled to get my workouts done over summer. With two kids needing my attention at different times, it can be tough. Doesn’t help that my youngest is trying to cut his naps down to damn near nothing some days. How am I supposed to shower so I can smell decent before walking them to the library when he won’t nap? As fun as toddlers can be, (when they aren’t throwing tantrums) I kind of miss having a cuddly, sleepy, and happy baby. I was able to shower every afternoon. 20140611-123624-45384205.jpgOk, he’s still pretty happy. Really silly too.

I guess it’s time to start thinking of some fun activities. My oldest is always complaining he’s bored. I really don’t want him glued to the tv, iPod, computer, or 3DS all summer long. I love that it’s a 10 minute walk to the library, plus we live fairly close to about 3 parks. That’s a way to get a workout in, chasing my 19 month old all over the park. I’m pretty sure I’ll be waiting anxiously for their dad to get home everyday so I can go on a run though, alone. I love my kids, but alone time keeps me sane.

I’m really looking forward to summer though. We’re going camping a few times and my parents are driving up from New Mexico. We only see them once a year so I have a lot of plans for us. Which again, means I’ll probably have a hard time sticking to my normal routine but it’s okay. I’ll continue to try my best.

Leave some fun craft ideas or activities for kids if you know any!
Stay active and healthy!


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