Detour SMART Bars

I’ve been a Fitfluential Ambassador for a few months now and was chosen for my first campaign, Detour Bar. This blog post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Detour Bar.

I feel like I’ve made my love for on the go bars pretty clear in the past. I’m always looking for something healthy and easy. With my kids, sometimes a quick bar is all I have time to eat. Plus they’re easy to take wherever we’re headed for an easy snack. So I was pretty excited to be chosen for this campaign.
I was sent a box of apple cinnamon smart bars, blueberry smart bars and a reusable grocery bag.

Detour SMART bars are a whole grain oatmeal bar. Only 130-160calories and with 10-11g of protein. 3G of fiber and between 2-6g of fat depending what flavor you eat, which they come in 4 flavors. Apple cinnamon, blueberry, peanut butter chocolate and cranberry flax. They’re all natural and gluten free.

I tried one of each on their own and they’re delicious. The flavor and texture is awesome. I love that they’re soft and chewy, it means my littlest can eat them also. Which he did. He had to try it when I did. Started off as sharing but it quickly turned into him needing his own.
YAY! Kid approved!

These are really good on their own of course, but I found it’s super good cut up and added into Greek yogurt. An awesome pre-workout snack. I like eating it before my run. I can’t handle running if I’ve eaten an actual meal recently so I eat this 30-60 minutes before I run and it’s perfect!
20140617-095501-35701681.jpgBlueberry SMART bar with vanilla Chobani. If you mix a little cinnamon apple sauce with the yogurt and add an apple cinnamon SMART bar, super delicious as well.

If you follow Detour Bar on Instagram you’ll notice they do a weekly photo contest! If you hashtag #detourbar on your photos of your detour bar, you’ll have a chance at winning 2 boxes of their bars! I thought that was pretty awesome. It’s always awesome to win free stuff. I love seeing companies interact with customers through social media!

Here are some places you can contact or follow Detour Bar.
Like them on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter, Instagram , Pintrest, and YouTube.
You can purchase all of their products at and for a limited time you get a free reusable grocery bag with every SMART bar purchase.
20140617-100216-36136271.jpgApparently my son took over my bag, because everything is his.

The bag is super cool though because it folds up into a little bag for easy storage. Takes up little room and is easy to keep in your purse for when you need it at the store. Or to entertain a toddler.

I highly recommend giving these bars a try. They’re really tasty and the nutrition facts fit my diet well. I’m extremely grateful I was able to give these a try. As much as I love finding new products I like, I love finding new options for my kids that they approve of even more.

Thanks Detour Bar, for this opportunity and making such a great snack! I definitely need to try the other two flavors!

Stay active and healthy!


4 thoughts on “Detour SMART Bars

  1. What great timing to read this post! I am strugling to keep up with the calories I need to breast feed, and it seems like I never have enough hands available to actually make a meal for myself! Healthy snack bars are all I am finding to be realistic for me in the morning. Thank you for sharing!

    • I really struggled with eating enough when I first started breastfeeding. I wish I had known better then, because I’d wake up STARVING in the middle of the night and eat whatever I could. Some protein bars by my bedside would of been a MUCH better option lol.

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